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As a bilingual English-speaking FileMaker, Qualiopi bilingual English, I’m here to help you exploit the full potential of this powerful application development platform. With over more than 10 years’ experience in the field, I have the skills and expertise expertise to help you design, develop and deploy development and deployment of customized solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. needs of your organization.

My services cover a wide range of areas, from building customized databases, to the creation of tailor-made interfaces automated workflows and the deployment of mobile applications. mobile applications. As an experienced FileMaker developer, I’m able to able to design simple or complex solutions, depending on your specific requirements. In addition to my technical skills, I’m also an experienced speaker speaker and workshop leader. I have had the opportunity to present at numerous conferences around the world and lead workshops on topics such as best such as FileMaker development best practices and the development of FileMaker development and the development of complex FileMaker solutions. My commitment to excellence translates into fast and effective results results for my clients. I’m here to help you turn your ideas into reality and maximize your organization’s potential by leveraging FileMaker’s FileMaker’s advanced features. If you’re looking for a reliable and competent FileMaker developer consultant who understands your specific needs, please contact me today. contact me today. I look forward to working with you to create powerful custom applications that will improve your business processes. business processes. Whether you’re new to FileMaker or looking to update an existing system, I can help. an existing system, I’m here to provide the support you need. you need. Let me help you harness the power of FileMaker and achieve your goals. Contact me today to discuss your project and start developing tailor-made solutions for your your organization.

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Filemaker Developer in a nutshell

FileMaker Pro is a database application and programming programming environment for Windows and Macintosh. It is very popular for its combination of easy-to-use functions features for non-programmers, as well as powerful tools powerful tools available for experts. History FileMaker has been released by several different companies, and under various names and version numbers, since the early 1980s. Originally a Macintosh product only, releases for Windows have been available since 1992.

Definition of tables (type of data) and data fields (fields) (information to be managed: text, number, date, image, sound or any other application via OLE), logical relationships relationships between data (relationship graph, referential integrity integrity)

Definition of calculations and statistical formulas Automatic feeding and/or data entry control via lists (or menus, checkboxes) or formulas checkboxes) or calculation formulas Layout of input and search screens Program processing using a simple, clear and powerful scripting language. and powerful scripting language. Although limited to a few dozen instructions, the language nonetheless includes instructions necessary for the construction of any type of algorithm algorithms (loops, conditional tests, variables). different users: access to data

FileMaker Pro enables users to create databases of different of different designs. Once they can share data data over a network with multiple users and on different platforms, the database can be accessed from Mac or PC computers. from Mac or PC computers. FileMaker Pro easily imports data from Excel to create tables. Users users can publish their databases online with confidence with confidence, as FileMaker features enhanced security to protect data from unauthorized users. It is possible to and FileMaker can import data, images and many other types of data, images and many other types of data in its own format. its own format. As far as notes for the Mac world are concerned, the updating from one version to another is too simple. FileMaker has a system backup to recover lost or destroyed data lost or destroyed data, and can export data to other programs. to other programs. As mentioned by, the program’s latest installation of the program includes “new features that focus on graphical presentation of data in charts and other graphs and other formats, Web integration and even ways to simplify the task of users. combine existing data in FileMaker. in FileMaker. “

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What is a database? Introducing FileMaker Pro software

File creation

FileMaker Pro environment

Create a theme

Possible title types Partially modified

How to use

Search Preview mode Switch between modes

Record creation

Delete record Data entry Working with indexes and lists

Create a template

Modify template Use predefined templates

Create a query

Modify query Perform a global search Perform a specific search

Print preview

Print data sheet Print table structure

Import/export data

Registration database

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