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romain rissoan consultant formateur marketing interactif

As a bilingual English-speaking Qualiopi interactive marketing training consultant, I help companies develop and implement effective digital marketing strategies marketing strategies tailored to their individual needs. My training sessions are designed to equip participants with the technical technical and creative skills needed to succeed in the field of online marketing. I specialize in developing customized content and campaigns for companies of all sizes, from small local start-ups to from small local start-ups to mid-sized companies and large and large multinational corporations. I can provide advice on the best tools and platforms for reaching their target target audiences, as well as on how to craft compelling messages that will that will resonate with them.

As an experienced interactive marketing consultant and trainer consulting services, I also offer one-to-one coaching sessions for individuals or or small groups who wish to improve their marketing skills. marketing skills. At the end of each session, I provide a detailed detailed report outlining the actionable steps that have been taken and the areas for improvement. This enables my clients to stay on track to achieve their marketing objectives and keep abreast of industry trends. My aim is to enable companies and individuals to reach their full potential through digital marketing. I strive to give my clients the tools they need to succeed in this fast-moving ever-evolving industry. If you’re looking for an experienced interactive marketing training consultant please contact me today to discuss how I can help you. to discuss how I can help your company achieve its goals. objectives. Together, we can develop a comprehensive strategy that will make the most of information technology and social media. and social media. With my help, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence confidence you need to achieve the results you want.

My Interactive Marketing Trainer content

Interactive Marketing in two words

Interactive marketing is a set of practices designed to create seamless communication with customers and encourage their involvement with the brand. It is a marketing marketing strategy that has proven highly effective in engaging customers with the company online, and improving conversion and loyalty rates. What’s more, it enables retailers to obtain qualitative information about their which they can then integrate into their Dynamic Pricing program Dynamic Pricing program to optimize sales. Next, we explain how to implement this strategy and get the most out of it. strategy.

As its name suggests, the main aim of interactive marketing is to get customers to communicate with the brand. brand. Through these actions, we create an important customer experience experience for customers, which is an added bonus over the simple buying process. We can ask for their opinion et faire en sorte qu’ils se sentent partie prenante de l’entreprise, comme leur proposer un moment ludique ou d’apprendre quelque chose tout en améliorant l’image de la marque. Tout dépend de notre objectif et du moyen utilisé.

La première étape consiste à évaluer quel est le type de campagne qui correspond le mieux à l’identité de l’entreprise. Un bon exemple est la ludification au travers de l’emploi de mécanismes de jeu comme dans certains sites Internet destinés aux enfants et adolescents. La deuxième étape consiste à définir les informations que nous désirons obtenir de notre public cible. Pour les nouveaux commerces électroniques, il est très intéressant de connaître l’âge, le niveau d’éducation et la localisation de leurs clients potentiels pour segmenter et orienter les futurs campagnes, ainsi que renforcer conversion rates.

The most common tools for implementing an interactive marketing interactive marketing campaigns, especially for small and medium-sized are questionnaires, surveys and landing pages. pages. They enable you to adapt to each audience and obtain the most useful information. This type of campaign can be launched on :
  • Websites
  • Social networks
  • Applications, via messages or push notifications
  • Sponsored actions

In addition to the advantages mentioned, this marketing strategy marketing strategy:

Increase sales Increase visibility on social networks and organic referencing Increase consumer reviews Redirect online traffic to traditional stores In addition to the short- and medium-term benefits, all the information gathered from your interactive marketing campaigns will enable you to allow you to perfect your pricing strategies, as you’ll have a better a better understanding of your target and its interests. From key data that you can integrate into your pricing suite to accelerate and optimize your decision-making. Tools specifically designed to boost your e-commerce your e-business.

Marketing Training Content Interactive

  • Concept (Signal-Agent-Information)
  • Pre-connected era and connected era
  • Challenges and changes in interactive marketing signals
  • Founding principle (reminder): Notification is not communication
  • Emotional distance = failure of cohabitation
  • Analysis of industries undergoing disruption
  • Introducing the customer journey concept
  • Marketing 4.0 formula = A5 O3
  • A5: From AIDA to visualization conversion rate
  • O3: From awareness to recommendation
  • PAR/BAR: From transition to mobilization
  • Basic tabs: KPIs/Objectives, Plans, Dashboards, Reports, and Learning
  • Action models: from descriptive to predictive
  • Attractiveness: Restoring brand authenticity: Humanized marketing
  • Interests: Restoring legitimate content: content marketing
  • Engagement: Restoring user experience: omnichannel marketing
  • Affiliation: Restoring Engagement: Engagement Marketing
  • Data project design: objectives and methods
  • Measures: Relevance – Action – Effectiveness – Benefit
  • 5 V’s: Variety – Quantity – Authenticity – Speed – Value
  • Predictive marketing
  • From mass marketing to personalized marketing
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Type of founding activity
  • Door handles: a competitive industry
  • Fish: a less competitive industry
  • S: Reputation department
  • Funnel: powerful experience industry

My Interactive Marketing Trainer FAQ

Interactive marketing can be an excellent way to engage customers and involve them in your brand. However, it’s important to use it effectively in order to achieve get the best results. Here are some tips on how to use interactive marketing effectively:

  1. Use it to complement other marketing channels
  2. Use it to create two-way communication
  3. Use it to build relationships
  4. Use it to drive sales
  5. Use it to create brand awareness
  6. Use it to stay ahead of the competition
  7. Use it to measure success
  8. Use it to optimize your website
  9. Use it to generate leads
  10. Use it to improve customer service
One way to use interactive marketing effectively is to contests and promote them on social media platforms. social media platforms. This strategy can be beneficial because it generates free publicity for your company and creates a sense of excitement among your target market. What’s more, it can also be beneficial as it can increase sales and create positive positive customer relations. For example, one company created a contest on social networks where people could submit their best photos of the sun. The winner received a free vacation to Hawaii, with the runner-up receiving a cash prize. This type of is beneficial because it generates free publicity for the the company organizing the contest and creates enthusiasm with your target market. It can also lead to sales because people are rewarding themselves or paying reward themselves or pay for something they wouldn’t normally pay for. normally pay. Another way of using interactive marketing effectively is to organize question-and-answer sessions with customers on social customers on social networks and answering the questions they have about your product or service. This strategy can be beneficial as it creates a sense of familiarity between you and your target market. It also builds trust between you and your and your customers, as they’ll feel they can ask questions and get questions and get honest answers from you. What’s more, this strategy can be beneficial because it creates a sense of familiarity between you and your customers, as they will feel that they can ask questions and get honest answers from you. from you. It also creates a sense of trust among customers, which customers, which may lead them to become regular customers and even evangelists for your company.
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